Dr. Jason Bortolussi is an aesthetic dentist committed to
creating beautiful smiles
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Partnering with Dr. Bortolussi

Get More Out of Your Dental Practice.
Much More.

Improve patient care, without adding overhead expense, by partnering with prothodontist Dr. Bortolussi. You can trust Dr. Bortolussi will offer the exceptional service you expect, as he is a seasoned specialist.

Consider Dr Bortolussi’s expertise an extension of your professional practice. The level of experience and precision that Dr. Bortolussi offers makes it easy for you to refer patients with complete confidence.

The benefits of referring your patient’s to Dr. Bortolussi for the best prosthodontic care include:

• Improved patient care without additional overhead expense
• Ease of referring patients with complete confidence
• Reasonable diagnostic and treatment planning service fees
• The very best in prosthodontic care for every patient
• Private one-on-one initial patient consultations
• Personalized patient education for all aspects of treatment

Dr. Bortolussi’s commitment to our referring doctors begins with a seamless referral process and carries through with exceptional patient care and post-treatment communication.

*To receive referral cards and patient brochures, please Download a PDF to fill and fax back to Dr. Bortolussi.